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Henna Herbal


The most important health benefits of henna include its ability to relieve headaches, detoxify the body, improve nails, protect the skin, boost hair health, cool the body, reduce inflammation, and speed healing.

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Empty the pack in an iron vessel,add water to make a smooth paste and leave it overnight.Next day apply it to your hair and keep it 15-20 minutes for hair conditioning,and for2-3 hours for both hair conditioning and color darkening of hair.Then wash it Plain water.

Benefits Of Henna For Hair & Skin

The most important health benefits of henna include its ability to relieve headaches, detoxify the body, improve nails, protect the skin, boost hair health, cool the body, reduce inflammation, and speed healing.

What is Henna?

The word ‘henna’ is understood by people around the world in many different ways. A majority of people probably associate it with the dark-red/brown dye for hair and skin that is traditionally used in many cultures, but the name also applies to the flowering plant from which the dye is derived.

As the sole species in the Lawsonia genus, henna has many different names across the globe, including hina and Egyptian privet, but they are all describing the same remarkable plant, which has the scientific name Lawsonia inermis. You can identify a henna plant with its small white or pink flowers, as well as the small fruit it bears.

It can be used in a wide variety of ways, including its dye form, as well as in aqueous extracts, tinctures, and salves, composed of the bark, seeds, or leaves. This versatility makes henna a very valuable element in traditional medicines, particularly Ayurvedic practice.

Henna oil, bark, an

Henna oil, bark, and seeds are the most common forms for medicinal benefits, and the high concentration of chemicals and nutrients in the plant gives it anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antibacterial, astringent, and antiviral effects.

Health Benefits of Henna

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the many impressive health benefits of this versatile beautifying plant.

Hair Color

Although most people associate henna’s effect on the hair to dying its color, it actually plays a number of roles in that part of our body too. Henna has been proven to increase the strength of the hair and, therefore, represents a safe dye that doesn’t permanently affect the health of our follicles.

Hair Health

Henna helps improve hair health. It helps seal the hair cuticle, preventing breaking, and increasing the shine and appearance of the hair. It also prevents dandruff.

Reduced Hair Loss

For people suffering from hair loss or baldness, henna also inhibits this from happening. The traditional mixture is putting henna juice or oil into curds and then mixing this into your hair, as this increases the efficiency of the treatment.

Improved Nail Quality

People often forget about maintaining healthy nails, but the cuticles and space under the nails are prime locations for infection and bacterial presence; therefore, treating your nails with henna is a wise choice. Drinking the water in which leaves have been steeped helps prevent nails from cracking and reduce inflammation. Applying a poultice directly to the nail beds can clear up irritation, pain, and infection in the nail beds.

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